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Welcome to our Stream of Job2Do, live at Irie Bar in Koh Lanta, Thailand!

This pandemic has turned all of our lives upside down. The direct results can be seen very strongly along the roads and beaches of Koh Lanta, with so many of our favorite annual visitors unable to “come home” for this season. The beaches miss you, the food misses you, the music misses you… we miss you!

In an attempt to bring us back to those wonderful days that we have shared here together, please- grab your drink of choice, put up your feet and pretend that you are here with us now. Please excuse us if there are any technical fumbles- we are plugging in all of our coconuts and bamboo sticks, and doing our best at our first attempt to go global. Here goes nothing!

We proudly present to you, the one and only, Job2Do!!!!

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