Hospitality Digital Presence & Networking Consultation

Some people didn’t move to an island to hide their head behind a screen all day- and that’s ok. There are those whose talents lay more in the art of hospitality and face-to-face communication, and there are those who specialize in bringing those customers to you.  In todays tourism, guidebooks are becoming obsolete and online exposure is a must if you want to maximize your sales. Local traditional marketing is also great, but many tourists already have their island visit planned out before they even arrive- based on google searches and travel tips that they’ve researched online. There are a lot of ways to waste time and money online with advertising in minimally impactful ways, so we’re here to lay out some basics for you.  With a background in grass-roots startup companies abroad, we’ve seen the ins and outs of what online presence can do for a company. From social media to appropriately managing customer reviews, let us help you get a basic handle on the way the internet sees your business.

This can range from setting up some basic directories and pages that won’t require any upkeep, to establishing ongoing lines of communication so that you can always keep your customers informed and involved as often as you’d like.

Services start at 1000฿ one time fee for basic setup, and increases from there if more in-depth setup, training, and upkeep is desired.

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