Real Estate (industry pricing)

Below are the photos that are included for a basic shoot of a villa.  These are the angles that we feel are the most valuable, but every job can be tailored to highlight the qualities of the specific property.

  • a feature shot (the main image of the villa),
  • a top-down shot (great to use as a custom map for directions)
  • a location perspective shot (giving a broader shot of its general location
  • a vantage shot, if possible (for villas with a beautiful view from the deck)
  • additional shots as requested

These primary photos are delivered in color corrected high quality .jpg as well as original unedited RAW format. You’ll receive a link to an album for easy viewing, as well as a download link for the full quality images.

In addition, you get the whole B-roll of any shots taken while up in the air, in unedited RAW format. They will be delivered in a .zip file for download.

Total flight time can be up to 1 hour, but usually all shots can be achieved in less than 1/2 that time. If you have specific shots to explore during our window of time in the air, we can get additional shots while there’s still battery left.

Net price for this service is 2000 Baht. (If there are multiple buildings to feature on the property, this price will vary)

For no additional cost, BE THE CO-PILOT! If you (or your customer) are on location during the shoot, you will have the opportunity to co-pilot and have an immersive experience of what the drone is seeing. Using DJI Goggles, you’ll see everything in full 1080p HD, but leave the controlling to us. You’ll have creative freedom in ensuring that the shots are framed up as you’d imagined, or just sit back and enjoy the view.

If a promotional video is desired as well, please contact us directly with what the customer has in mind.

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